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Empty object as response

See original GitHub issue

I have a schema that is generating an empty object {} in the response, but it has a targetSchema defined. Here’s my schema:

	"$schema": "",
	"title": "API",
	"type": "object",
	"definitions": {
		"user": {
			"title": "User",
			"type": "object",
			"properties": {
				"id": {
					"title": "User ID",
					"type": "number"
				"firstName": {
					"title": "First Name",
					"type": "string"
				"lastName": {
					"title": "Last Name",
					"type": "string"
	"links": [
			"title": "Get User",
			"rel": "item",
			"type": "object",
			"description": "Retrieve a user by ID",
			"href": "/api/v1/users/{id}",
			"method": "GET",
			"targetSchema": {
				"$ref": "#/definitions/user"
screen shot 2017-06-13 at 12 38 48 pm

It seems it should be displaying a user object, or maybe I’m missing something.

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  • Created 6 years ago
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handrewscommented, Nov 8, 2017

@krystalmonolith I believe doca ignores anything without hyperschema links. It’s not intended as a data type documentation system, just an API documentation system. You could probably get it to work with non-API data types with a little tinkering, but it’s not in-scope for the project as it currently exists.

handrewscommented, May 1, 2018


This set of packages is being deprecated in favor of the JSON Schema Tools monorepo. Contributions are still welcome here but most work will be done on the new packages.

One of the big reasons for rewriting the Doca suite into a new set of packages was to adhere closely to the JSON Hyper-Schema specification, and make it easier to support newer drafts. This should eliminate unexpected schema behavior (except possibly when using Cloudflare-defined extensions, but hopefully we can be more clear about how those work alongside of standard schema constructs).

The new UI is still being designed, but hopefully this should be handled in it. Feel free to file at cloudflare/json-schema-tools if you want to track this specifically.

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