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"require is not defined" when initializing DB with d1 beta bindings

See original GitHub issue

Was trying out the d1 beta bindings in miniflare, and ran into the following:

[mf:err] ReferenceError: require is not defined
    at _resolve (file:///Users/tgriesser/Github/cf-test/node_modules/.pnpm/npx-import@1.1.3/node_modules/npx-import/lib/utils.js:11:5)
    at npxResolve (file:///Users/tgriesser/Github/cf-test/node_modules/.pnpm/npx-import@1.1.3/node_modules/npx-import/lib/index.js:56:16)
    at createSQLiteDB (/Users/tgriesser/Github/cf-test/node_modules/.pnpm/@miniflare+shared@2.9.0/node_modules/@miniflare/shared/src/sqlite.ts:20:51)
    at FileStorage.getSqliteDatabase (/Users/tgriesser/Github/cf-test/node_modules/.pnpm/@miniflare+storage-file@2.9.0/node_modules/@miniflare/storage-file/src/index.ts:114:21)

Seems it’s due to this code in npx-import, which is a package of "type": "module":

export function _resolve(packageWithPath: string) {
  return require.resolve(packageWithPath)

I believe this needs to be changed to create require:

export function _resolve(packageWithPath: string) {
  return createRequire(import.meta.url).resolve(packageWithPath)

Tried to patch and write a test for it in the npx-import package, but couldn’t figure out getting vitest to load the test in a way that it’d fail, where require is undefined. Didn’t see a way to force load as a true esm environment, seems require is always defined in the worker context.

The other fix that seemed to work was to change:

to just use require.resolve directly:

return new DatabaseConstructor(dbPath, {
  nativeBinding: getSQLiteNativeBindingLocation(require.resolve("better-sqlite3")),

Figured @geelen would know better where is best to fix this, or if there was something else I was missing here where the current code is expected.

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Skye-31commented, Nov 19, 2022

This should be shipped on any fresh installation of Miniflare/Wrangler - this issue can be closed 🙂

BeeeQueuecommented, Nov 19, 2022

I just installed/updated them when I wrote that comment and had to add the resolution. 😕

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