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Imports don't work in typescript

See original GitHub issue

I’d like to directly import required types, and not utilize the types field in tsconfig.json.

During development it all seems to work fine, but whenever I run wrangler dev I get errors like this: No matching export in "node_modules/@cloudflare/workers-types/2022-08-04/index.ts" for import "Response".

What’s the correct way to import?

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  • Created 10 months ago
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penalosacommented, Dec 1, 2022

I think this might be a case of us not being clear enough in documentation—we can definitely try and improve that!

To clarify, you’re able to import types directly if your use case will fit within the constraints of import type {...}, which essentially require that they can be fully stripped out at build time, and have no runtime component. When you do import { Response } from "@cloudflare/workers-types/experimental", and use it as new Response(), typescript is unable to strip out the Response import at build time, as it’s used at runtime. For that use case, using tsconfig.json is the recommended way forward.

We intend for the importable types to be used in cases where you have to also use libdom, and situations like that. If you’re just writing a worker, using tsconfig.json will most closely reflect the actual runtime types available to your code.

GingerAdoniscommented, Dec 1, 2022

I’d say the documentation is somewhat vague about it, as it mentions “which are usable with no additional tsconfig.json setup”. Which I interpreted as importing without referencing the types in tsconfig.json. I assumed that workerd strips or ignores the related imports.

Ideally it should be possible to explicitly import without messing with tsconfig.json.

This issue can be closed if you see this is a non-issue.

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