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Composer settings in `.bp-config\options.js` ignored

See original GitHub issue

What version of Cloud Foundry and CF CLI are you using? (i.e. What is the output of running cf curl /v2/info && cf version?

   "name": "",
   "build": "",
   "support": "",
   "version": 0,
   "description": "",
   "authorization_endpoint": "",
   "token_endpoint": "",
   "min_cli_version": null,
   "min_recommended_cli_version": null,
   "api_version": "2.101.0",
   "app_ssh_endpoint": "",
   "app_ssh_host_key_fingerprint": "redacted",
   "app_ssh_oauth_client": "ssh-proxy",
   "doppler_logging_endpoint": "wss://",
   "user": "redacted"
$ cf version
cf version 6.32.0+0191c33d9.2017-09-26

What version of the buildpack you are using?


If you were attempting to accomplish a task, what was it you were attempting to do?

I’m attempting to pass options to composer but nothing worked. So with these .bp-config/options.js

  "WEB_SERVER": "httpd",
  "ADMIN_EMAIL": "",

What did you expect to happen?

I expected cf push to fail with an invalid option as it does on the CLI:

composer --this-should-fail

  The "--this-should-fail" option does not exist.

And I expected composer to vendor stuff into pbtest

What was the actual behavior?

  • No failure
  • SSH into container and find . -name 'pbtest' turns up nothing

Completed run, no errors.

Please confirm where necessary:

  • I have included a log output
  • My log includes an error message
  • I have included steps for reproduction


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  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:5

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

dmikusacommented, Jan 23, 2018

I think I see the issue. You have .bp-config/options.js, but it should be .bp-config/options.json. Breaks as expected if I rename the file.

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