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The default timeout when using HTTPD & PHP is only 60 seconds

See original GitHub issue

What version of Cloud Foundry and CF CLI are you using? (i.e. What is the output of running cf curl /v2/info && cf version?

   "name": "",
   "build": "",
   "support": "",
   "version": 0,
   "description": "Cloud Foundry sponsored by Pivotal",
   "authorization_endpoint": "",
   "token_endpoint": "",
   "min_cli_version": "6.22.0",
   "min_recommended_cli_version": "latest",
   "api_version": "2.84.0",
   "app_ssh_endpoint": "",
   "app_ssh_host_key_fingerprint": "e7:13:4e:32:ee:39:62:df:54:41:d7:f7:8b:b2:a7:6b",
   "app_ssh_oauth_client": "ssh-proxy",
   "routing_endpoint": "",
   "doppler_logging_endpoint": "wss://",
   "user": "fb1b3b31-5963-464a-8c0f-40532114f2ac"
$ cf -v
cf version 6.26.0+9c9a261fd.2017-04-06

What version of the buildpack you are using?


If you were attempting to accomplish a task, what was it you were attempting to do?

If you send a slow request (>60s) to a PHP application, the FPM request from HTTPD to PHP will timeout.

2017-06-08T16:07:04.37-0400 [RTR/1] OUT - [2017-06-08T20:06:04.319+0000] "GET /slow.php?time=61 HTTP/1.1" 503 0 299 "-" "curl/7.54.0" "" "" x_forwarded_for:"" x_forwarded_proto:"http" vcap_request_id:"4ae17531-0ddb-491a-69db-b98b7e7cc777" response_time:60.060113409 app_id:"54cccad6-9bba-45c6-bb52-83f56d765ff4" app_index:"0" x_b3_traceid:"d09e185aa1d1468c" x_b3_spanid:"d09e185aa1d1468c" x_b3_parentspanid:"-"
2017-06-08T16:07:04.37-0400 [RTR/1] OUT
2017-06-08T16:07:04.38-0400 [APP/PROC/WEB/0] OUT 20:07:04 httpd   | [Thu Jun 08 20:07:04.382603 2017] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 61:tid 140154379433728] (70007)The timeout specified has expired: [client] AH01075: Error dispatching request to : (polling)

Note how the response time is almost exactly 60s. This is coming from the Timeout here.

What did you expect to happen? What was the actual behavior?

A timeout of 60s seems unnecessarily short. The gorouter will let a request run for 900s by default. It would be nice if the build pack could do something like gorouter timeout - 5s. I’m not sure how you’d get the gorouter’s timeout value though in the build pack. Maybe we could make this more easily configurable for users? Worst case, I think it would be reasonable to have a larger default timeout like something just shy of the gorouter’s default.

I think the idea would be to append a ProxyTimeout setting here.


# Allow the proxy to wait for up to 895 seconds
#  this is just short of the default gorouter timeout of 900s
ProxyTimeout 895

Please confirm where necessary:

  • I have included a log output
  • My log includes an error message
  • I have included steps for reproduction

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

dmikusacommented, Sep 10, 2019

There are hundreds of notice and warning messages in that file. It’s going to be impossible for me to tell you anything from it. I would suggest clearing those up. Perhaps it’ll help you narrow in on the issue.

dmikusacommented, Sep 11, 2019

The default timeout is 60s. In your case, it’s only making it 30s, so I don’t think you are hitting the default timeout, at least not the one referenced in this issue. You are also getting a 499 response code, not 504. 499 means the client gave up before the response completed. In short, whatever is consuming the request from your app is not waiting long enough.

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