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FAILURE on trying to startup UAA locally

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

SECURITY NOTICE: If you have found a security problem in the UAA, please do not file a public github issue. Instead, please send an email to

Thanks for taking the time to file an issue. You’ll minimize back and forth and help us help you more effectively by answering all of the following questions as specifically and completely as you can.

What version of UAA are you running?

we have pulled down commit: 754f2716d3d8f2e227952f74adcfde5378b17b96

What output do you see from curl <YOUR_UAA>/info -H'Accept: application/json' FAILURE

How are you deploying the UAA?

I am deploying the UAA

  • locally only using gradlew

What did you do?

git clone git:// cd uaa gradlew run

curl -H “Accept: application/json” localhost:8080/uaa/login

What did you expect to see? What goal are you trying to achieve with the UAA?

We expect UAA to startup

What did you see instead?

FAILURE Please include UAA logs if available. uaa-server.log

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 5 years ago
  • Comments:6

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

BloodWorkXGamingcommented, Jul 12, 2018

I’m sorry for answering to such an old issue, however I just wanted to help anyone out running into the same issue and stumbling onto this issue: replacing: -DLOGIN_CONFIG_URL=file://" + new File(".").absolutePath + "/uaa/sr... by -DLOGIN_CONFIG_URL=file:///" + new File(".").absolutePath + "/uaa/sr (tripple ///) fixed the issue for me due to reasons described here: The line to change is located here:

dev-indbcommented, Sep 15, 2018

Same issue. I replaced in build.gradle file -DLOGIN_CONFIG_URL=file://" by -DLOGIN_CONFIG_URL=file:///" according to your solution and everything works now Thanks for your help !

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