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Does order of image params matter?

See original GitHub issue

We get the following successes/failures in rendering cloudinary images in our env and I don’t understand why they should/shouldn’t work:

const imgUrl = `${account}/image/upload/h_39,q_auto,w_33/v1/${image_path}` // FAIL
const imgUrl = `${account}/image/upload/h_38,q_auto,w_33/v1/${image_path}` // FAIL
const imgUrl = `${account}/image/upload/h_37,q_auto,w_33/v1/${image_path}` // OK
const imgUrl = `${account}/image/upload/q_auto,h_39,w_33/v1/${image_path}` // OK
const imgUrl = `${account}/image/upload/h_39,w_33,q_auto/v1/${image_path}` // OK
const imgUrl = `${account}/image/upload/f_auto,h_39,q_auto,w_33/v1/${image_path}` // OK

Does order of image params matter? Am I missing something in how width,height, and quality affect one another?

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  • Created 5 years ago
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yakirpcommented, Dec 17, 2018

So I checked this internally, and we think that there is an issue on our end about that. Using such URLs (with the “_”) should not work, you must always use the v1.

I will keep you posted, meanwhile please deliver your images only with v1.


roeebacommented, Feb 17, 2020

Closing this issue due to the time elapsed. Please feel free to either re-open the issue, contact our support at or create a new ticket if you have any additional issues.

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