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Custom change detection with onPush is broken

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

Related to Angular issues with ControlValueAccessor and OnPush components:

Currently, setting a component to use the OnPush change detection strategy is not safe with ngx-sub-form as you’d end up with a “shift”. If you type “Hello” in an input and then add “A” the displayed value would be “Hello”. If after that you add a B, the value displayed would be “HelloA”, etc. Late by 1 change basically.

When calling the onChange hook from the ControlValueAccessor, Angular should run a change detection but it seems that it’s not the case.


Not a beautiful one but at least simple and it’s still possible to use OnPush

In order to trigger a change detection, we can use the async pipe with a value coming from the form. So for every form that has at least a child (otherwise it’s not needed), you can do the following: []="formGroup.valueChanges | async".

For e.g., from a sub component:

<div [formGroup]="formGroup" []="formGroup.valueChanges | async">
  <-- ... -->

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

maxime1992commented, Dec 22, 2020

Alright after trying it previsouly then reverting the fix, I finally gave this another go today.

I’ve added OnPush for all the components in the demo app using the rewrite. This broke a few e2e tests so I had something to iterate with quickly.

I believe that by using markDirty it is now fixed. Here’s the commit:

All the e2e tests are passing correctly again

maxime1992commented, Sep 30, 2019

With Angular v9 around the corner and Ivy, we might be able to do all that without having to create a module and pass the ChangeDetectorRef 🙌.

We should be able to mark the component as dirty by passing the component’s reference (this) 🔥

So we should put that on hold as not having to setup a module is quite nice and if we can keep it that way we should probably

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