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FormArray usecase

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Issue Description

First of all, nice work! Really.

I was having a look at your Droids/Vehicles example, and a question emerged. What do I do if I need to handle a FormArray? An example to clarify: what if I want the user to be able to pick multiple colors for a Spaceship? I’ll have to deal with multiple (1...N) color picker. This is one thing missing from the README.


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maxime1992commented, Jun 16, 2019

Hi @AdditionAddict,

another version passing formgroups to subcomponents directly

I’ve just finished to write a blog post about how to manage complex forms and I’m explaining there why passing a formGroup as an input is in my opinion not a good idea. I’ll let you go through the article if you want to know more

About your example, I’ve been trying to build it and yes I’m also stuck with the array.

I planned to get back on that issue a week or two ago but a PR was pending (CF and I didn’t want to start a new one until that one was done. I guess it can/will be prioritised now 😃

I’ll come back to you as soon as the work is done with a demo for your example 👍

maxime1992commented, Jun 18, 2019

@AdditionAddict I’ve been working yesterday and this morning onto that feature.

I’ve got a branch here where I’m nearly done but I miss a few tests and a bit of cleanup too.

Can’t have a look at that until tonight but I think it’ll take me until the end of the week to finish that one up so if you can wait I’d recommend you to, otherwise just clone my branch locally and build the library then use it in your own project like that for a few days. I highly doubt the public API will change it’ll be mostly tests and cleanup now. But once again if you can wait a few days it’ll be easier and I also have a repro of your demo just waiting that the branch I’m working on is published 😃

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