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How to have validatorFN for FormControl inside getFormControls() ?

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

I know there is getFormGroupControlOptions but this is validation for the entire formGroup right? (as indicated by (formGroup) => {} ) - FormGroup - level.

How can I use validation on a FormControl level?

Here in my stackblitz im using the same validatorFN validatorWithDeps in a normal angular way and inside getFormControls() the ngx-sub-form way. How can I yield the same results? For ngx-sub-form its undefined. (because of scoping …)


Steps to reproduce:

  • open browser-console
  • type stuff into top field (“Enter you email”)
  • type stuff into field with “12345” in it.
  • For top field the validator can resolve the values. For ngx-sub-form it cant.

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:9

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

maxime1992commented, Nov 11, 2019

Hi @andreElrico,

I took some time this evening to investigate. Thanks for the stackblitz repro it helped a lot.

If you look into this comment:

You’ll notice that:

The order of initialization is:

The base class initialized properties are initialized
The base class constructor runs
The derived class initialized properties are initialized
The derived class constructor runs

As of today, the creation of the formGroup is happening in the constructor and therefore, the getFormControls method from the sub class is called when the properties of the sub class are not initialized yet.

I’m working on a fix but I suspect it might be a (small) breaking change.


I’ve got the fix working just need to edit some tests

maxime1992commented, Sep 13, 2020

🎉 This issue has been resolved in version 5.2.0-feat-rewrite.1 🎉

The release is available on:

Your semantic-release bot 📦🚀

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