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No hook or observable member available to get latest form value after component initialised

See original GitHub issue

There is currently onFormUpdate() hook and formGroup.valuechanges observable, but they are not called when the component gets the value from external after finish initialization.

There are indeed workarounds exist. But getting the latest form value after form initialization is still a legit scenario that is useful for this library.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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ntzioliscommented, Feb 28, 2020

@maxime1992 These two observables would work for us. in fact I like the name writeValue$ a lot as it is super clear what it does or where it comes. Any other name I can think of right now would need a lengthy explanation of when it gets fired and why.

In regards to anyformUpdate$: I would probably call it formGroupValue$ as it resembles what formGroupValuesdoes only on formGroup level + observable which makes the name very descriptive.

ntzioliscommented, Feb 28, 2020

You are right, forgot about the remapping. Then maybe something like writeFormValue$, but I feel this is way less prescriptive than writeValue$. And you are right the typing prevents users from errors. So after thinking about it some more I’d still vote for writeValue$, but only because I cannot think of a better alternative. Damn naming is hard xD

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