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Who's using ngx-sub-form?

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

Hi everyone 👋!

Out of curiosity, we’d love to heard from people using ngx-sub-form whether you’re using it for small side projects or larger projects at work 👍.

If you feel like sharing with us know, feel free to use the following template (or not):

- I/we use `ngx-sub-form` [for personal projects]/[at work (COMPANY_NAME), with at least X people using the library]
- I/we are using `ngx-sub-form` on prod for X projects that are used by more than X customers every [days/months/years]
- Searching for `from 'ngx-sub-form'` in the whole code base gives me X hits
- So far my/our experience with `ngx-sub-form` has been [awful/good/great/awesome]
- If I could vote for an epic feature it would be:
- Anything else you want to share with us:

(feel free to tweak the above as you please and answer only what can/want)

Thanks for taking the time to share 🙏!

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:7 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

maxime1992commented, Mar 25, 2020

@MonsieurMan thanks for the details on the project and how ngx-sub-form helped you solved them!

Can you create an issue for the thing you’re struggling with? I’ll try to help you out and maybe improve our docs and/or examples 😺 (but not in this thread)

MonsieurMancommented, Mar 25, 2020

I introduced it to simplify a form that was growing well over the 700 hundred lines in our of our project at work. It was the dreaded part of the app, but now when we have to change it, it feels like changing the color of a button, you know where and how even before opening the project.
I really like the added safeguards it adds and how it’s simple to decouple parts of the form.

The only thing I really struggle with each time I use this lib, is when I have a form control that is not really an input the user would type in.

Per example we have a few forms where we select a user from a modal that searches in the LDAP. And I’d like to display the selected user in a custom component that is not editable by hand. I ended up putting it in a read-only input but that’s really hacky.

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