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`stacker.util.ensure_s3_bucket` function does not tag S3 buckets created

See original GitHub issue

Currently S3 buckets created by stacker do not have any tags, even if that bucket is created on a stacker build run with a stacker config yaml defining tags. This is because the ensure_s3_bucket function imported by base and aws_lambda do not submit tags to the function.

We should probably tag the S3 buckets. My concern is not the buckets storing the json templates, but the buckets created for uploads of serverless lambda functions as they could get big and actually have somewhat of an effect on a budget.

So I propose the following…

  • We modify the function to tag S3 buckets based on the tags top level keyword
  • We create a new argument in the aws_lambda.upload_lambda_functions function to allow an override, in case an end-user wants to specify a different set of tags for the S3 bucket created by

I think this should cover all bases as to cost tags that may be required by businesses using stacker.

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  • Created 6 years ago
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phobologiccommented, Oct 18, 2017

That sounds fine to me - I don’t think anything would be broken by adding tags. The bigger question is what it’s going to do for performance - I imagine you’d either update the tags every time, or you’d do a get_bucket_tagging call to see if anything should change first. My guess is that updating the tags is a single call that is probably just about as fast as a call to get_bucket_tagging, so calling each time makes sense.

Thanks for offering to handle this @GarisonLotus, all for you knocking it out.

phobologiccommented, Oct 18, 2017

Definitely a different issue - just wanted to make sure we don’t make the same “mistake” here 😃

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