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Latin syllabifier mishandles 'gu' digraph

See original GitHub issue

Currently the syllabifier returns ['lin', 'gu', 'a'] for lingua instead of ['lin', 'gua'].

I tried to get around this by treating g the same as q in lines 185 and 198, but that only gets us to ['li', 'ngua'] and may have other side effects that I’m not aware of.

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  • Created 6 years ago
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TylerKirbycommented, Jan 9, 2018

@lukehollis thanks for all those resources! I just checked @todd-cook’s syllabifier and it seems to have the same problem.

I agree that we should have a single Latin syllabifier. Fr. Matthew’s syllabifier handles lingua perfectly. My vote is that we update the current Latin syllabifier with Fr. Matthew’s most recent code. We could even improve on it a bit by handling some edge cases like suavis and perduellio (currently syllabified as su-a-vis and per-du-el-li-o respectively).

What are everyone else’s thoughts?

diyclassicscommented, Jan 8, 2018

I see here that @lukehollis cites a workflow: “Split Latin words into a list of syllables, based on a set of Latin language syllable specifications and the original work of Father Matthew Spencer in C# and Javascript. Original documentation from Fr. Spencer is preserved where applicable.” Two questions:

  1. Does this original workflow produce this result? (cc: @lukehollis)
  2. As long as this remains the syllabifier, it would be a good idea to note addition/deletions from the original workflow in comments. Thoughts here?
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