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can cmake-js compile projects containing both c code and c++ code appropriately?

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  • I’m relatively new with C/C++.

I’m trying to make myself a native c++ addon which depends on the pigpio C Library intended for a Raspberry Pi.

The compilation fails, emitting lots of errors about the main pigpio.c file (written in C code) regarding things like implicit type casting, using the new keyword as a variable name, and more…

Of course, theses errors show only when using cmake-js compile on my whole addon project (which is based on c++ as mentioned); as opposed, trying to compile the pigpio library alone with gcc directly and no c++ code involved - succeeds flawlessly.

Is there a way to tell cmake-js/cmake to treat *.c files as C code and compile them appropriately? Or maybe I’m missing some point…?

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  • Created 6 years ago
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shtaifcommented, Aug 22, 2017

Well, as you suggested, the lib author does provide a build script in the pigpio website. I was able to create a file thanks to that, which I added to my project and to my cmake config: target_link_libraries(${PROJECT_NAME} ${CMAKE_JS_LIB} pigpio)

I guess the best way should have been to set pigpio in my project with a nested CMakeLists.txt, but for now I’m happy because it works 😃


RSATomcommented, Aug 22, 2017

Glad to hear it. Then please close issue.

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