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Distributing cmake options in npm packages

See original GitHub issue

I’m maintaining the nbind project which autogenerates NAN and Emscripten bindings (and TypeScript definitions) for C++ classes and functions. It makes writing Node.js addons extremely easy but requires a number of compiler options to use especially when targeting Emscripten, so it comes with a couple of .gypi files.

Another tool, autogypi autogenerates a binding.gyp file for a new project given names of packages it depends on. It plays nicely with both nbind and nan, noticing the former depends on the latter and sets everything up.

I’d like to add support for cmake-js in nbind and autogypi, so that these quick start instructions would be equally easy when using cmake-js instead of node-gyp (this would be an option). That would also get rid of the Python 2 dependency (unless targeting Emscripten, which still depends on it).

For this, maybe some sort of interaction between cmake-js and autogypi would be useful? Do you have any thoughts for a standard way to include the necessary CMakeLists options in npm packages intended to be used as C++ libraries?

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ed-alertedhcommented, Jul 9, 2018

Did anything ever come of this? I’m currently trying to port an existing lib built with CMake and being able to use the build files almost as-is would be amazing…

edit: I’m currently trying to use nbind to target asm.js for in-browser usage

Julusiancommented, May 9, 2022

It sounds like this was answered, and as nbind appears abandoned I dont see anything here that needs doing

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