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sysdiagram and related SPs are not excluded by default

See original GitHub issue


After adding support for diagrams in my DB, Facil included related types and SPs in the generated file. At a first glance this is not a problem by itself, but it produced an unexpected behavior, my code started raising a System.AccessViolationException.

The culprit for raising this exception are one or many of these: type sysdiagrams type sp_alterdiagram_Executable type sp_alterdiagram type sp_creatediagram_Executable type sp_creatediagram type sp_dropdiagram_Executable type sp_dropdiagram type sp_helpdiagramdefinition_Executable type sp_helpdiagramdefinition type sp_helpdiagrams_Executable type sp_helpdiagrams type sp_renamediagram_Executable type sp_renamediagram type sp_upgraddiagrams

As a workaround, we excluded these DB elements using “except” mechanism (facil.yaml) provided by Facil.

Kind regards, Mauricio

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  • State:closed
  • Created 6 months ago
  • Comments:11 (6 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

cmeerencommented, May 25, 2023

Thanks. If you believe this is a compiler issue, you should raise an issue at But I’m not sure it can be considered a compiler issue. 70k lines is a lot.

mauriciomagnicommented, May 25, 2023

hello @cmeeren

  1. The file was almos 70k lines of code, now the biggest one is 44k lines.
  2. Yes, I think this issue is related with the size of the file. Of course, this is just speculation, but my gut says it is because of the extensive use of generic type validation. It catches our attention the time it takes to compile the assembly.
  3. Correct Sadly, I made the mistake of mention we were using Facil and they decided to blame the library. I have insisted it is not the library and gave them a more detailed info (copy below), but I have not heard back from Microsoft: image
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