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Docs-only mode not working

See original GitHub issue

Bug description

If you use docs-only mode the indexer doesn’t index directories but only the entry page.


Use docs-only mode described here


Package Versions

yarn list v1.22.5
├─ @cmfcmf/docusaurus-search-local@0.4.0
├─ @docusaurus/core@2.0.0-alpha.69
├─ @docusaurus/cssnano-preset@2.0.0-alpha.69
├─ @docusaurus/mdx-loader@2.0.0-alpha.69
├─ @docusaurus/plugin-content-blog@2.0.0-alpha.69
├─ @docusaurus/plugin-content-docs@2.0.0-alpha.69
├─ @docusaurus/plugin-content-pages@2.0.0-alpha.69
├─ @docusaurus/plugin-debug@2.0.0-alpha.69
├─ @docusaurus/plugin-google-analytics@2.0.0-alpha.69
├─ @docusaurus/plugin-google-gtag@2.0.0-alpha.69
├─ @docusaurus/plugin-sitemap@2.0.0-alpha.69
├─ @docusaurus/preset-classic@2.0.0-alpha.69
├─ @docusaurus/theme-classic@2.0.0-alpha.69
├─ @docusaurus/theme-common@2.0.0-alpha.69
├─ @docusaurus/theme-search-algolia@2.0.0-alpha.69
├─ @docusaurus/types@2.0.0-alpha.69
├─ @docusaurus/utils-validation@2.0.0-alpha.69
└─ @docusaurus/utils@2.0.0-alpha.69

Node Version


Docusaurus Environment

Are you using a custom theme? No


module.exports = {
    title: 'Title',
    tagline: '',
    url: '',
    baseUrl: '/',
    favicon: 'img/favicon.ico',
    organizationName: 'org',
    projectName: 'docs',
    themeConfig: {
        sidebarCollapsible: false,
        navbar: {
            title: 'Title',
            logo: {
                alt: 'Alt text',
                src: 'img/logo.svg',
            items: [
                    to: '/',
                    activeBasePath: 'docs',
                    label: 'Docs',
                    position: 'left',
        footer: {
            style: 'dark',
            copyright: `Built with Docusaurus.`,
    presets: [
                docs: {
                    routeBasePath: '/',
                    sidebarPath: require.resolve('./sidebars.js'),
                theme: {
                    customCss: require.resolve('./src/css/custom.css'),
    plugins: [
                docsRouteBasePath: '/', // must correspond to the base route path configured for the docs plugin
                indexBlog: false, // whether to index blog pages
                indexDocs: true, // whether to index docs pages
                language: ['en', 'de'], // language of your documentation, see next section
                docsOnlyMode: true,

Additional context

I introduced a new configuration option called docsOnlyMode (see above). It basically skips the URL prefix check in the flatMap function call:

if (indexDocs && docsOnlyMode) {
    return { route, url, type: "docs" };


I don’t know if thats the most elegant solution but for my case it works. I can also open a PR to further discuss this issue.

Issue Analytics

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  • Created 3 years ago
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  • Comments:5 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

franciscojaramillocommented, Dec 15, 2020

@Techassi Let me know if I can help in any way–very interested in getting this going

Techassicommented, Dec 15, 2020

Sure… I wil open a PR in a few days. Looking forward to your feedback!

Read more comments on GitHub >

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