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MapInfo widget _setScale error

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

An error occurs occasionally when the map loads in the MapInfo widget. TypeError: Cannot read property 'decimalFormat' of undefined It doesn’t happen regularly, but about every other time… I’ve tracked it down to dojo.number. To replicate set the mapInfo options to something like this:

                    proj4Catalog: 'EPSG', //'ESRI', 'EPSG' or 'SR-ORG' **
                    proj4Wkid: 3435, //wkid of the map ** // 4326
                    mode: 'dec', //'map', 'dec' or 'dms' // map

Maybe I’m just doing something wrong…here’s my entire widget config. Also, the basemap is set to web mercator.

            mapInfo: {
                include: true,
                id: 'mapInfo',
                type: 'domNode',
                path: 'gis/dijit/MapInfo',
                srcNodeRef: 'mapInfoDijit',
                options: {
                    map: true, //required
                    mode: 'dec', //'map', 'dec' or 'dms' // map
                    firstCoord: 'y', //which coord to display first ('x')
                    unitScale: 2, //coord decimal places (2)(affects seconds in 'dms' format)
                    showScale: true, //show map scale (false)
                    showZoom: false, //show zoom level (false)
                    xLabel: 'X: ', //label for x coord ('X:')
                    yLabel: 'Y: ', //label for y coord ('Y:')
                    scaleLabel: '1:', //label for map scale ('1:')
                    zoomLabel: 'Z', //label for zoom level ('Z')
                    minWidth: 286, //minimum width in pixels of widget (0)(when 0 widget fits content)
                    proj4Catalog: 'EPSG', //'ESRI', 'EPSG' or 'SR-ORG' **
                    proj4Wkid: 3435 //wkid of the map ** // 4326

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 8 years ago
  • Comments:9 (5 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

tmcgeecommented, Jul 15, 2015

something like this:

_setScale: function () {
    var scale =;
    if (scale === null || isNaN(scale)) {
    html.set(this.scaleNode, String(number.format(number.round(scale, 0))));
tmcgeecommented, Jul 18, 2015

fixed in #433

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