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Issue: api use can cause main UI to not update status

See original GitHub issue

Version 1.8.15

I am writing a new remote pendant piece to implement jog functionality for 3D Connection Space Mouse, using the ps3 pendant as a basis for figuring out the api. When I subscribe to the “Grbl:state” event, the UI no longer updates.

` socket.on(‘connect’, function() { console.log('Socket IO [Connected]: ’ + socket_address + ‘:’ + socket_port);

	// List Serial Ports
    socket.on ('serialport:list', function (data) {
	    console.log('Listed Serial Ports: ');

		// List Ports
		for (var i = 0; i < data.length; i++) {
			console.log("[" + i + "] Seral Port List: " + data[i].port);


    socket.on('Grbl:state', function(data){

	// Open port
	socket.emit('open', controller_serial_port, { baudrate: Number(controller_serial_baud) });
	console.log('Opened Serial Port: ' + controller_serial_port + ':' + controller_serial_baud);

Specifically, I can send axis movement commands from the main UI; however, the state never changes to reflect the change in the position of the machine. The status report I am receiving in the remote pendant app does show the correct status information.

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  • Created 7 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

liqdfirecommented, Feb 11, 2017

@cheton I agree with you on the need for creating a standard api for external modules to be able to connect and interact with the CNC Engine.

I have been working on getting a dev environment setup, though I run windows and most of the build scripts in the project are bash scripts. Even with bash on windows the setup has not exactly been clean. I am going to setup a Ubuntu vm this evening and set it up on that.

Here are some of my thoughts from tinkering so far:

  1. The need to send the serial port with each command feels a bit like a leaky abstraction. Which serial port is in use would be better off encapsulated in the cnc engine and just reported as part of the engine state.

  2. The need to call “open serial” as an external components that are not wanting to control the connection feels a bit odd, in fact outside of the main UI, I am not sure I would want to relinquish control of the serial port to plugins. This would give a buggy external component too much ability to kill a long running cnc job.

  3. Having a difference in grbl:state and tinyg2:state being reported from the engine might be better off abstracted down into a common cnc engine state. This would make adding additional controllers cleaner, as it would not require a new UI widget for each controller, and would keep external modules like a pendant or status screen from breaking if it was not maintained when a new controller was added.

I am more than happy to assist with any work you need on this project.

chetoncommented, Feb 13, 2017

Fixed in 1.8.16

I also added several features to cncjs-pendant-boilerplate, you can enter command-line mode to directly send commands to Grbl.


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