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Migrations hang when "default=" is set on a new field, while USING HASH.

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

What works.

First time table creation, and most other migrations work fine.

What does not work.

Migrations hang when default= is set on a new field, while USING HASH in the table.

message = models.TextField(default='') # Hangs migration.
message2 = models.TextField(null=True) # Works.

Issue Details

This issue is mentioned here:

I believe, when the migration has to perform a full rewrite of the table, Django cannot understand crdb_internal_id_shard_16 (or how it fits into the model) when USING HASH is specified.

Possible resolution

Is there a way to ignore or hide fields which CockroachDB generates automatically when using hash sharded index?

If we can get Django to simply ignore anything of crdb_internal_* we could be okay.

Related: 78049

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 6 months ago
  • Comments:10 (1 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

rafisscommented, Aug 25, 2022

Thanks for this report! Could you share the way of reproducing the bug using only cockroach sql? And file an issue at (or post here, and I can file it for you).

timgrahamcommented, Aug 25, 2022

Great, thanks. Closing as “not completed” since it’s not applicable to this repo.

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