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[DISCUSSION] YARN 1.0.0 release

See original GitHub issue

Per our 1.0.0 release discussion on #34 and talking a bit with @lresende, we think it might be best to jump directly to 1.0.0 and by-pass a pre-release of 1.0.0b1 or 1.0.0xxx. The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. pip installs would require --pre to access the pre-release.
  2. Dependent applications cannot add yarn-api-client>=1.0.0 and have that pull down 1.0.0b1 when installing the dependent application.

As a result, it might be best to just go to 1.0.0 which enables dependent applications to pin a minimum version and pip installs “just work”.

We would then use 1.0.x for any immediate bugs - essentially becoming a “post-release beta”. 😄

This also adheres to the mantra that API-breaks require an increment to major version (as we’ve discussed), so using something like 0.9.x as our “pre-release” carriers is also a violation.

Summary: Proposal is to optimistically move to 1.0.0 while creating maintenance releases to stabilize.

Comments, suggestions?

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

kevin-batescommented, Sep 25, 2019

That’s great news Dmitry - thanks for your great work.

Are we ready to cut 1.0?

cc: @lresende, @toidi, @dimon222

dimon222commented, Sep 30, 2019

We can probably close this, since release already happened.

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