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Modelserializer in django rest_framework serializes MeasurementField as FloatField

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I have the following field in my model: MeasurementField(measurement=Weight, unit_choices=(('kg','kg'),('lb','lb'),))

which serializes as a FloatField() in django rest framework using serializers.ModelSerializer. This FloatField() then does not accept a Mass() object so I land on a TypeError.

Anyone with an idea how to rewrite the serializers to_represantation and to_internal_value to handle this error? I tried this which works for the representation part:

 def to_representation(self, obj):
        return {
            'weight': obj.weight.value,
            'unit': obj.weight.unit}

But I cannot get the to_internal_value to work. Besides, there are other fields in the model which I have to rewrite if I use this approach. Thanks in advance for any suggestion!

Could it be an enhancement to include a serializerField in the MeasurementField definition?

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  • Created 5 years ago
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SOMGERcommented, Oct 1, 2018

I looked into this further and I think the problem is that there is no MultiValueField among the serializers.Fields in DRF, like there is in forms.Fields, so DRF cannot handle what is in your line 99-110. Maybe this is a problem more for DRF then for your package. At least, I couldn’t find anything that would correspond to forms.MultiValueField in DRF. I ended up defining a custom field like so:

class WeightField(serializers.Field):

    def to_representation(self, obj):
        ret = {"weight": obj.value,
                "unit": obj.unit}
        return ret

    def to_internal_value(self, data):
        unit = data[-2:]
        value = data[:-2]
        if unit == 'kg':
            return Weight(kg=value)
            if unit == 'lb':
                value_mass = Weight(lb=value)
                return value_mass

I still need to add validation that no other units are entered in the form field, but it works. Only found this solution yesterday.

codingjoecommented, Oct 4, 2018

how about something like this?

>>> data = "1gram"
>>> units = Weight.UNITS.keys() | Weight.ALIAS.keys()
>>> pattern = re.compile(r'^(?P<value>\d+)(?P<unit>(%s))$' % '|'.join(units))
>>> match = pattern.match(data)
>>> if match is None:
...     raise ValueError("%s is not a valid %s" % (data, Weight.__name__))
>>> kwargs = {'unit'):'value')}
>>> Weight(**kwargs)
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