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Type 'string' is not assignable to type 'Level'

See original GitHub issue

I get this error for at least the version 0.2.3. I can’t yet update to 0.3.0.

Line: /angular2-logger/app/core/logger.ts:59:38

Related to this?

changing the line 59 from: private _loadLevel = (): Level => localStorage.getItem( this._storeAs ); to private _loadLevel = (): Level => +localStorage.getItem( this._storeAs );

Seems to fix it (converts string to number)

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  • State:closed
  • Created 7 years ago
  • Comments:38 (26 by maintainers)

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k7sleepercommented, Aug 15, 2016

Only to recall: this problem is not caused because of this “one character”, it’s caused because TypeScript compiler compiles the .ts files instead of using the .d.ts files when resolving import "angular2-logger";. For me, as a user of the library, if i add import "angular2-logger"; to one of my source files I don’t care a pap for it that angular2-logger is build by TypeScript compiler (1.8, 1.7. or even 1.0), or Babel or whatever you want (CoffeeScript, Closure, Kotlin, …). If I add import "angular2-logger"; to one of my source files I expect some *.js files somewhere on my disk and ideally one *.d.ts nearby the *.js files. Nothing more (ok, a package.json with a correct main and typings attribute, too).

Therefore, other libraries separate the source files (*.ts) from the generated files (*.d.ts, *.js) in the distribution. But this library does not …

Overall, it’s good style to separate source files from generated files, and as a side effect it would solve this problem.

langley-agmcommented, Jun 2, 2016

@k7sleeper sorry, miss-clicked the close button.

let’s the TypeScript compiler use core.d.ts

The typescript compiler doesn’t use .d.ts files, it generates them. If you wanted to compile .d.ts files you’d have to write them yourself, or compile once to generate the .d.ts files and a second config that compiles those into js. However, .d.ts files are merely the definitions of the API, you’d be compiling empty definitions with no implementation whatsoever, you’d be able to call the functions but they wouldn’t be doing anything.

Also package.json doesn’t tell the compiler how to compile, that’s tsconfig.json.

Just clarifying some things to avoid miss-conceptions. I’ll be carefully reviewing your pull requests with more calm as soon as I get a chance.

Thanks for contributing !

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