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window object can't be accessed when using Angular Universal

See original GitHub issue

With angular universal/angular 4, app may be running in node enviroment. So, it requires server side implementation of log (got rid of ‘window’ object usage, etc):

EXCEPTION: Uncaught (in promise): ReferenceError: window is not defined ReferenceError: window is not defined at (/Users/sergey/syst/msmev/redesign/angular/pgu/dist/server/index.js:43:24345) at new Logger (/Users/sergey/syst/msmev/redesign/angular/pgu/dist/server/index.js:43:24941) at MainModuleInjector.get [as _Logger_29] (/Users/sergey/syst/msmev/redesign/angular/pgu/dist/server/index.js:44:27364)

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  • Created 7 years ago
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langley-agmcommented, Apr 18, 2017

Hi @wingsuitist,

I understand what you are saying but the logger is not responsible for getting logs from one place to another, its purpose is to log the messages wherever you configure it to. I do hope to create an appender that submits the messages to a rest endpoint to get the functionality that you are talking about but that’s something I haven’t seen any logger do so far.

However I believe @snrostov’s concern is not that he wants to see the messages in the server, its just that the module is not working correctly when Angular runs in the server using AoT since it accesses the “window” object, but Angular will only run some part of the code in the server not all of it, so some messages will end up appearing in the client and some others in the server, this is a separate issue that what you are referring to as you will still be getting some logs in the client only.

One more thing the client might not check the console.log, but you can access their server with your browser and check it yourself.

The main scenario this logger was built for was to log stuff in development and turn them off in production, however, a very common scenario is that you need a way to turn it back on in production through the browser and the way to do this is by exposing the logger config to the window so people can configure it using the browser’s console.

langley-agmcommented, Apr 18, 2017

@wingsuitist I believe #137 is related to what you are talking about.

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