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The default "yarn test" command runs ALL tests 3 times

See original GitHub issue


On my machine, when I run yarn test, or yarn test --silent, all tests execute 3 times. The desired behavior, since this actually executes ember exam --split=3 --weighted --parallel would be that 3 partitions would run, each running a fraction of the tests. In addition to that, the 3 partitions run consecutively, not in parallel.

This seems to be related to and, following the conversations there and adding parallel: -1 to testem.js seems to cause the partitions to execute in paralel, but each partition still runs all of the tests in the suite.

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  • State:open
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:5 (5 by maintainers)

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joshsmithcommented, Sep 14, 2017

Then we can just amend ember-try.json to use ember exam only. No need for docs IMO.

begedincommented, Sep 14, 2017

It’s not a matter of speeding up for me, since I use ember exam anyway.

It’s a matter of there being a “default” command (yarn test) which runs 3x slower than it should, due to a bug that doesn’t originate from us.

I’m thinking something like

  • yarn test should just execute ember exam instead of ember exam --split=3 --weighted --parallel
  • add some docs pointing the user on how they might try to speed it up by enabling parallelism, with a note that it may be buggy
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