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Write logic for payments/account-setup to send state to its child components

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Issue Description



This is being broken into tasks and is just being used for reference right now.

We need to be able to send state to child components in the payments/account-setup component in order to determine whether we should be displaying the forms or instead some success components if the data was valid and we’re done with that step.

This is probably the most complex here and the logic here still needs to be figured out.

We’ll want to add some tasks like:

  • create success component for bank-account
  • create success component for identity


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  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:28 (28 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

joshsmithcommented, Dec 16, 2016

@begedin keep in mind that subcomponents can bypass the parents to send actions with

joshsmithcommented, Dec 16, 2016

That should clarify 3 top-level components (of which we only need 2, ignoring contact right now) which each have various sub-components potentially, each responsible for their own state depending on their status:

  • ~contact (ignored, not MVP)~
  • funds recipient
    • verification_document
    • personal_id_number
  • bank account

Each component and subcomponent must be responsible for its own states of pending, required, verifying, verified, errored. Thus the logic is simple conditional logic, whereas the bounding component has the same styles (inside a box, e.g.).

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