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What really is

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Is going to be a separate repository? Like a GitLab or Gogs hosted by the DoD? Or is the idea to have all of this on Github? And then is just going to be a showcase of Github repositories similar to If that’s the case I think it needs to be made more apparent in this repo.

I have a network security monitoring project that I have been fighting to open-source for over a year. Because of the way Github works, I will never be able to host my work projects here- doesn’t matter how fancy the contributing/license gets. The powers at be will not allow projects to be open-source without some sort of CAC card authentication. If was GitLab that was configured to accept commits with a CAC card and potentially had an option that you could toggle to require CAC card authentication to view your project, there would likely be a ton of interest.

I think what a lot of people across the DoD are looking for is not, but maybe And I hope that’s what this will become… An open-source community by the DoD for the DoD. As far as I know the only solution for this currently is, but it’s really poor for sharing, collaboration, and version control.

I suppose what I’m really looking for is more technical details on the first question in the FAQ.

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veschecommented, Mar 6, 2017

@johnmod3 Well, I’m ready to get yelled at a bit. So I’ll be trying to open-source something as gets off the ground, if anything to be part of the change.

johnmod3commented, Mar 6, 2017

@vesche head over to and the mailing list!forum/mil-oss lots of folks there with the battle scars and willingness to help 😃

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