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MudSelectExtended: Bug With Virtualize and SelectedItems Style

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Hy, I’m using MudSelectExtended component with record SelectItem and MultiSelection set to true. After selecting two or more option closing select and reopening select only the last selected item is marked as selected. Is this bug or I’m doing something wrong?

        MultiSelectionTextFunc="@(new Func<List<SelectItem>, string>(GetMultiSelectionText))"
        ToStringFunc="@(item => item.Text)"
        Label="Multi select"

@code {

        private ICollection<SelectItem> Items = new List<SelectItem>()
                new(1, "Item 1"),
                new(2, "Item 2"),
                new(3, "Item 3"),
                new(4, "Item 4"),
                new(5, "Item 5"),
                new(6, "Item 6"),

        public IEnumerable<SelectItem> BoundItems { get; set; }

        private string GetMultiSelectionText(List<SelectItem> selectedValues)
                return $"{string.Join(", ", selectedValues.Select(x => x.Text))}";

        public record SelectItem(int Id, string Text);

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  • State:closed
  • Created 7 months ago
  • Comments:14 (8 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

mckaragozcommented, Jul 7, 2023

The main issue looks fixed. If you have another issue relates to this, please re-open this issue or open new issue.

radderzcommented, Jul 6, 2023

Check out my PR #240, I have fixed a few issues to do with selection and virtualisation in it.

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