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Enable/Disable Endpoint should show duration

See original GitHub issue

Both if it were disable and if it is still active. Seeing something like: durationMinutes: 180 makes for some simple math so the caller doesn’t have to worry about when something was enabled (regardless of timezone).

Duration Is probably a poor name. minutesActive might be clearer. It would keep counting up if it hasn’t been disabled.

Feel free to ignore this idea though if it distracts from the endpoint’s purpose.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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checkettscommented, Oct 27, 2021

To fix the failing test, it looks like it works fine if you convert it to millis:


I not particularly opposed to the Duration in the ednpoint. More just annoyed with its toString() in general. 😉 So feel free to ignore my comment in that regard.

However, if you were curious, here is how you could change the DTO:

public class ChaosMonkeyDisabledDto {
  private final String status = "Chaos Monkey is disabled";
  private final ZonedDateTime disabledAt =;
  private final Duration timeActive;
  private Duration timeInactive;

  public ChaosMonkeyDisabledDto(ChaosMonkeyEnabledDto chaosMonkeyEnabledDto) {
    this.timeActive = chaosMonkeyEnabledDto.getTimeActive();

  public Duration getTimeActive() {
    return timeActive;

  public String getTimeActiveMS() {
    return formatDuration(timeActive.toMillis());

  public Duration getTimeInactive() {
    timeInactive = Duration.between(disabledAt,;
    return timeInactive;

  public String getTimeInactiveMS() {
    return formatDuration(timeActive.toMillis());

  private String formatDuration(long durationMs) {
    DecimalFormat df = new DecimalFormat();

    if(durationMs >  3_600_000) {
      return df.format(durationMs / 3_600_000.0) + " hours";
    } else if (durationMs > 60_000) {
      return df.format(durationMs / 60_000.0) + " minutes";
    } else {
      return df.format(durationMs / 1_000.0) + " seconds";


And the test:

  @SuppressWarnings({"rawtypes", "unchecked"})
  void postToDisableChaosMonkey() {
    ZonedDateTime disabledAt =;
    ResponseEntity<Map> result = testRestTemplate.postForEntity(baseUrl + "/disable", null, Map.class);

    assertEquals(HttpStatus.OK, result.getStatusCode());
    assertThat(result.getBody()).containsEntry("status", "Chaos Monkey is disabled");
    assertThat(result.getBody()).containsEntry("timeInactive", "0.0 seconds");
    assertThat(result.getBody()).containsEntry("timeActive", "0.0 seconds");
checkettscommented, Oct 26, 2021

I’m not a huge fan of the Duration.toString(). It never is very intuitive for me. A simple method to write out a decimal of total second/minutes/hours wouldn’t take much and would make it much easier to read.

if(durationMs >  3_600_000) {
  return fmtTo2Decimal(durationMs / 3_600_000.0) + " hours"
} else if () {
   return fmtTo2Decimal(durationMs / 60_000.0) + " minutes"
} else {
    return fmtTo2Decimal(durationMs / 1_000.0) + " seconds"
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