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Issues with execsync prevent codecov from installing correctly

See original GitHub issue

Realizing this is an issue of one of your dependencies, I did decide to post it here. After all, I am not interested in your dependency, but in your project.

On Ubuntu 14.04 (vagrant box), the system hangs when compiling native extensions. No errors thrown, no exit code, it just hangs until you manually stop it:

npm verb linkBins execSync@1.0.2
npm verb linkMans execSync@1.0.2
npm verb rebuildBundles execSync@1.0.2
npm verb rebuildBundles [ 'temp' ]
npm info install execSync@1.0.2
npm info postinstall tough-cookie@2.2.1
npm verb readDependencies loading dependencies from /home/vagrant/<<company>>/node_modules/codecov/node_modules/request/node_modules/har-validator/node_modules/chalk/node_modules/strip-ansi/package.json
npm verb readDependencies loading dependencies from /home/vagrant/<<company>>/node_modules/codecov/node_modules/request/node_modules/har-validator/node_modules/pinkie-promise/node_modules/pinkie/package.json

> execSync@1.0.2 install /home/vagrant/<<company>>/node_modules/codecov/node_modules/execSync
> node install.js

[execsync v1.0.2] Attempting to compile native extensions.

On OS X Yosemite, it works… at least it doesn’t throw around exit codes, but it still logs a failure:

npm install --save-dev codecov

> execSync@1.0.2 install /Users/stephanbijzitter/<<company>>/node_modules/codecov/node_modules/execSync
> node install.js

[execsync v1.0.2] Attempting to compile native extensions.
[execSync v1.0.2]
    Native code compile failed!!
codecov@1.0.1 node_modules/codecov
├── argv@0.0.2
├── urlgrey@0.4.1
├── request@2.69.0 (aws-sign2@0.6.0, forever-agent@0.6.1, tunnel-agent@0.4.2, is-typedarray@1.0.0, oauth-sign@0.8.0, caseless@0.11.0, stringstream@0.0.5, isstream@0.1.2, json-stringify-safe@5.0.1, extend@3.0.0, tough-cookie@2.2.1, node-uuid@1.4.7, qs@6.0.2, mime-types@2.1.9, form-data@1.0.0-rc3, combined-stream@1.0.5, aws4@1.2.1, hawk@3.1.3, bl@1.0.1, http-signature@1.1.1, har-validator@2.0.6)
└── execSync@1.0.2 (temp@0.5.1)

Running node 0.12.5

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

isaacscommented, Feb 13, 2016

I strongly recommend removing execSync.

Would you accept a PR that refactored it out?

isaacscommented, Feb 13, 2016

I ask because, now that node-tap uses this module as a dependency for sending coverage to codecov, it’s causing a lot of test failures on CI systems, and it appears to me to be a very straightforward refactoring that I’d be happy to help with.

The explicit purpose of this module is to be a part of a CI workflow, so using a dep that fails to build reliably on containers seems like a pretty significant problem. If synchronous exec’ing is a must-have, then I’ll have to switch back to the module, which appears to be less well supported.

Read more comments on GitHub >

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