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Create static k8s manifests for scaled deployment

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For our first pass at providing an alternative to Heroku, we’ve spun up a dedicated chime-live Kubernetes cluster on Linode. Currently it has 3 nodes with 6 CPUs each

To close this issue, add a set of static manifests to this repository for a deployment that takes the current Streamlit-based Chime implementation, runs as many workers as possible on that 3x6 cluster, and includes deploying an in-cluster ingress controller that will load balance between all those workers and serve out of

Skip any templating or automation at this phase, we’ll manually deploy the manifests and manually edit them as needed. After we learn more, we’ll create follow-up issues around templating or automation

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  • Created 4 years ago
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themightychriscommented, Mar 17, 2020

Hey @asauber , thanks for connecting! I can jump on a call at 8:30, hop into our slack workspace if you can:

themightychriscommented, Mar 18, 2020

We’ve got a working cluster up at so I think this one is done

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