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StopAsyncIteration Exception

See original GitHub issue

Hello, when I execute the following example I get an StopAsyncIteration Exception with no Exception Message.

from pydbantic import Database

class Department(DataBaseModel):
    id: str = PrimaryKey()
    name: str
    company: str
    is_sensitive: bool = False

db = await Database.create('sqlite:///test.db',tables=[Department])


StopAsyncIteration                        Traceback (most recent call last)
~\AppData\Local\Temp/ipykernel_19192/ in <module>
      7     is_sensitive: bool = False
----> 9 db = await Database.create('sqlite:///test.db',tables=[Department])

~\Documents\.venv\lib\site-packages\pydbantic\ in create(cls, DB_URL, tables, cache_enabled, redis_url, logger, debug, testing)
    493         async with new_db:
--> 494             await new_db.compare_tables_and_migrate()
    496         return new_db

~\Documents\.venv\lib\site-packages\pydbantic\ in compare_tables_and_migrate(self)
    162         # checkout database for migrations
--> 163         database_init = await DatabaseInit.get(database_url=self.DB_URL)
    165         if not database_init:

~\Documents\.venv\lib\site-packages\pydbantic\ in get(cls, **p_key)
    626             if k != cls.__metadata__.tables[cls.__name__]['primary_key']:
    627                 raise f"Expected primary key {primary_key}=<value>"
--> 628         result = await'*', where={**p_key})
    629         return result[0] if result else None

~\Documents\.venv\lib\site-packages\pydbantic\ in select(cls, where, alias, limit, offset, *selection)
    431         database = cls.__metadata__.database
--> 433         results = await database.fetch(sel, cls.__name__, values)
    435         for result in cls.normalize(results):

~\Documents\.venv\lib\site-packages\pydbantic\ in fetch(self, query, table_name, values)
    459         self.log.debug(f"running query: {query} with {values}")
--> 461         async with self as conn:
    462             row = await conn.fetch_all(query=query)

~\Documents\.venv\lib\site-packages\pydbantic\ in __aenter__(self)
    509                 continue
    510             self.connection_map[conn_id]['last'] = time.time()
--> 511             return await self.connection_map[conn_id]['conn'].asend(None)
    513         conn_id = str(uuid.uuid4())



  • Python version 3.9.6
  • Pydbantic version 0.0.15
  • Operating system Windows 10

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:6 (3 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Phil997commented, Dec 3, 2021

Ah ok, thanks for your time.

codemationcommented, Dec 2, 2021

That is normal, whenever db.create() is called, a lock is placed on the DB for migrations, so no other connected applications try to migrate a DB simultaneously. The message indicates the DB init ( migration and table setup) has completed.

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