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Add post-flight Codenvy on-prem installation check

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

Post-Flight Checks Specification

We should create a very small workspace called “your-first-workspace” in the administrator’s account as part of the installation process. We can either do this by generating a workspace, starting it, and then cloning some sample source code. Or, we can generate a factory configuration and launch that factory configuration from the command line.

  • Analyze the new codenvy/che-test docker image for its suitability and / or any gaps. It may be appropriate for us to do a “docker run --rm codenvy/che-test” command to execute this instead of using curl commands.
  • --skip-ws-test=true will skip this test at the end of an installation. The default is false.
  • We will create a new workspace using curl commands within Codenvy in the administrators account. If post-flight check is successful, we can then proceed to displaying the “CODENVY INSTALLED!” message.

( This issue depends on )

Post-Flight Checks Output

Verifying installation...
1. Authenticating as admin.                                       [OK / NOT OK]
2. Generating 'your-first-workspace'.                             [OK / NOT OK]
3. Starting workspace runtime. (downloads 500MB image)            [OK / NOT OK]
4. Creating Spring project in `your-first-workspace`.             [OK / NOT OK]

If there are any checks that fail, then:

Codenvy is installed, but basic post-flight API tests failed.
The command that failed is:
<insert curl command that failed>
with failure output of:
<insert failure output from codenvy API call>

Change the final output slightly to be generic:

Codenvy at:      http://codenvy.onprem
Admin username:  admin
Admin password:  password

@eivantsov: please, update related section at documentation page: add info about post-flight check and new option of bootstrap script –skip-post-flight-check.

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 7 years ago
  • Comments:22 (22 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

benoitfcommented, Aug 25, 2016

let’s merge ! 😉

benoitfcommented, Aug 10, 2016

@TylerJewell There was a question raised by @dmytro-ndp on tests

is that the test should let remote instance in the same state than before running the test ? (like cleanup after) or test needs to remove/cleanup some stuff before being run

example: for now when running test post-check, workspace is let in the running state. so starting again the test result in a failure as we already have the test

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