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Docker service on a node can reload config only twice

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

When try to reload config of docker (without restart) on a Codenvy node more then two times changes are ignored.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Run docker info and remember existing labels (if no labels configured section is not appeared)
  2. Edit / create file /etc/docker/daemon.json and add a new label. Example of content of created file: {"labels":["com.codenvy.some-label=somevalue"]}
  3. Reload docker config. Do NOT restart docker, use sighup signal: kill -SIGHUP $(<"/var/run/") Use docker info to ensure, that the label is present.
  4. Change label value and reload config again. Check again, that changes are applied.
  5. Change label value again and again reload config (3rd time).

Expected behavior: Config should be reloaded again and next times.

Observed behavior: Nothing changes. Config is left as after second reloading. To apply new changes docker restart is needed.

Codenvy version: 5.0.0-M8-SNAPSHOT OS and version: CentOS Linux 7 (Core) 3.10.0-327.10.1.el7.x86_64 Docker version: Version: 1.11.1 API version: 1.23 Swarm: Server Version: swarm/1.2.3

Additional information:

Problem only started happening recently, didn’t happen in an older version of Codenvy: Yes Problem can be reliably reproduced: Yes

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 6 years ago
  • Comments:8 (8 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

mmorhuncommented, Feb 17, 2017

Issue in docker is resolved, fix is merged for 1.14.0 milestone.

mmorhuncommented, Feb 7, 2017

This problem occurs when docker on a node is started with cluster-store and cluster-advertise options. Otherwise everything works fine. In case, when only cluster-store is set, docker hungs up on 3rd config reload. Logs: after 1st SIGHUP:

ime="2017-02-07T13:19:18.661579317Z" level=info msg="Got signal to reload configuration, reloading from: /etc/docker/daemon.json" 
time="2017-02-07T13:19:18.661771835Z" level=debug msg="Initializing discovery service" name=zk uri="<host-ip>:2181" 
time="2017-02-07T13:19:18.661784409Z" level=info msg="Initializing discovery without TLS" 
time="2017-02-07T13:19:18.661811447Z" level=debug msg="Option Experimental: false" 
time="2017-02-07T13:19:18.661817781Z" level=debug msg="Option DefaultDriver: bridge" 
time="2017-02-07T13:19:18.661822227Z" level=debug msg="Option DefaultNetwork: bridge" 
time="2017-02-07T13:19:18.661826658Z" level=debug msg="Option OptionKVProvider: zk" 
time="2017-02-07T13:19:18.661831655Z" level=debug msg="Option OptionKVProviderURL: <host-ip>:2181" 
time="2017-02-07T13:19:18.661840320Z" level=debug msg="Reset Max Concurrent Downloads: 4" 
time="2017-02-07T13:19:18.661845701Z" level=debug msg="Reset Max Concurrent Uploads: 5" 


time="2017-02-07T13:20:18.620647092Z" level=info msg="Got signal to reload configuration, reloading from: /etc/docker/daemon.json" 
time="2017-02-07T13:20:18.620767361Z" level=error msg="Error reconfiguring the daemon: discovery service not supported"


time="2017-02-07T13:20:35.780443737Z" level=info msg="Got signal to reload configuration, reloading from: /etc/docker/daemon.json"
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