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Can I use this to extend JavaScript functionalities?

See original GitHub issue

I tried the live editor but I’m not sure if what I’m doing it’s correct or not: I would like, for example, use “func” instead of “function” into my code, so parse the token and replace with the valid JS one, but it outs always syntax error, also using “acorn” with “loose” checked.

I tried with this

module.exports.replace = () => ({
    'func': 'function',

Is what I would like to do buildable or not?

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coderaisercommented, Jun 21, 2022

Just created the repository, we can move there and continue to add new keywords 😃.

It already has ability to write tests, and extend in any way using TDD.

coderaisercommented, Jun 16, 2022

If you want to use func inside your code, like this:

func hello() {
    return 'world';

This will not be correct JavaScript, so @babel/parser, and any other ESTree-parser cannot parse it to FunctionDeclaration node.

Anyways you can extend acorn to have support of func, and produce FunctionDeclaration, and use it in 🐊Putout with changes in .putout.json:

    "parser": "my-parser-with-func-support"

This will work!

But not in 🐊Putout Editor, since it has preconfigured set of parsers.

Also you can use API:

const source = `
    func hello() {
        return 'world';
const {code} = putout(source, {
    parser: 'my-parser-with-func-support'

But remember, that you cannot use Replacer for this purpose, because it uses Babel parser inside. Anyways Traverser can handle it 😃.

Why do you need it?

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