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Connection fails with mpv, but works fine with mplayer

See original GitHub issue

OS: Raspberry Pi OS lite (latest, on a pi zero w)

Pyradio v0.8.9.16

All dependencies installed that you included in your PR ( ), using that script.

If I run pyradio, it says its using mpv, additionally which mpv tells me the binary exists OK on the system. But pyradio says connecting to..., and then it says connection failed when using mpv.

If I remove mpv from the system, and install mplayer instead, pyradio works OK, everything plays as expected, no problems.

Additionally (before un-installing mpv with apt), when I was in pyradio, I hit the c key, unchecked mpv checkbox, hit the s key, closed and restarted pyradio, but mpv was still selected with a checkmark when I opened the config window?

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  • State:closed
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Comments:23

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taoteh1221commented, Mar 21, 2022

Ok. Thanks for the PR and insight, it was very helpful! 😄 Most people may use a more powerful pi, the zero model is the weakest chipset…maybe why you never heard of mpv crashing before. Take care, thanks again! 😄

s-n-gcommented, Mar 21, 2022

I am curious as to why the issue

The only reason I can think of is that maybe this particular board is not strong enough to handle constantly opening and closing pipes… IDK…

I’ve had other people asking about rasberry and mpv (facing problems with the timeout value), but never anything like crashes and such…

Anyway, I think I’ll be closing this issue now, feel free to contact me if anything else pops up 😄

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