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Example of Input Data

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

Could you give a concrete example of the input data? You gave an example of the corpus data, but not the dataset.small file found in this line:

bert -c data/dataset.small -v data/vocab.small -o output/bert.model

If you could show perhaps a couple of examples, that would be very helpful! I am new to pytorch, so the dataloader function is a little confusing.

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codertimocommented, Oct 23, 2018

@nateraw I got what was wrong with both your example corpus and mine. We should not make a blank line in end of the line! If you check the line 18 at your corpus, \n is declared on last line, which means that python recognize there is one more extra line. Please remove the \n of end of character at the end of line. that would be help to fix it

codertimocommented, Oct 23, 2018

@nateraw Sorry about my mistake. The README file is just updated to

bert -c data/corpus.small -v data/vocab.small -o output/bert.model

which is same corpus with bert-vocab

and the corpus example is on README 0.prepare your own corpus.


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