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@codemirror v0.18 in @codesandbox/sandpack-react breaks when targeted for es5

See original GitHub issue


With @codemirror v0.18.0 builds break, which is being used from react-smooshpack-1.0.0-beta-0. Since, the @codemirror/autocomplete uses Nullish Coalescing. And it is not transpiled when published to npm.

I am not sure, if codemirror should handle this or the end user. But most of the build tools, don’t transpile their dependencies. And so, builds break when we transplie projects and not target es6 at the end.

new RegExp(`${addStart ? "^" : ""}(?:${source})${addEnd ? "$" : ""}`, expr.flags ?? (expr.ignoreCase ? "i" : ""));

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  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:5 (2 by maintainers)

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alexnmcommented, Mar 14, 2021

I mean fixing to 0.18.0, not ^0.18.0. v0.17 has its issues as well 😛 it’s not the first time the library broke something in sandpack

alexnmcommented, Mar 15, 2021

appears to be fixed in 0.18.2. I will probably block the dependencies for codemirror in the future, but for now, it should work with removing yarn.lock and reinstalling our package to v0.0.1

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