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Documentation: How to import dependencies from private registry?

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description


Thanks for this amazing product which helping me to build an online code IDE.

I have some questions about the registry. We want to include the dependencies from our private registry of JFrog and we normally use .npmrc to set the auth_token and registry link for our local development. But we hope to add these dependencies from JFrog to the sandbox and I have checked all the documentation when setting the registry and could you please provide some help?

I referred to the guideline page about how to set the private registry and checked the issue of #553 . So my questions are

  1. Do I need to use Verdaccio? If yes, I got the error of Error: config_path is required even if there is theconfig_path: "./config.yaml",. Do you know the possible reasons?
  2. After referring to the issue of #553 and upgrade to 1.5.4, I am not sure the correct configuration for the ‘npmRegistries’ because I need to delete the proxyEnabled key which report an error.

customSetup={{ dependencies: { “@scope/package-name”: “4.2.0” }, npmRegistries: [ {

        enabledScopes: ["@scope"],
        limitToScopes: true,
        registryUrl: "https://url", 
        registryAuthToken: "token"

I am looking forward to your reply. Thank you!

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

Sprit3Dancommented, Oct 27, 2022

Hi @danilowoz, @WangJiaoJo did you solve this cors issue? Could you share your findings please? I’m looking at exact same issue when using private npm registry

danilowozcommented, Nov 21, 2022

Sorry, but I wasn’t able to reproduce it internally. My best guess is that your Custom Registry host has CORS limitations, and this’s blocking Sandpack from consuming it.

If you’re still facing this issue and don’t want to share private information, feel free to reach out to me on Discord and share a minimal reproducible example.


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