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Implement slash (/) commands

See original GitHub issue

As title says, implement slash commands instead of using the <prefix> command [...params] message format.

After final implementation the bot should check if guild already has the prefix setting stored in guild settings; if present handle the “prefix commands” and slash commands; if not, only handle slash commands.

This will allow to keep the old setups running without changing the behavior that the users are used to.

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  • Created 2 years ago
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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

codethewebcommented, Jan 30, 2022

Hey everyone!

Slash commands are almost ready to go, but I could use some help to test everything out and make sure it’s working smoothly.

To help test, you can either host the bot yourself or join a temporary testing server I set up (invite link will expire in 7 days).

DO NOT run the slash command version of Muse against your production database. It will lead to irrecoverable data loss (that I will note more thoroughly in the release notes).

Feedback I’m looking for

  • Bugs that need to be fixed
  • Any part of the new interface that sucks (our motto is “…a Discord music bot that doesn’t suck” after all 😛)
  • Any parts that could use some polishing

Also mentioning @Hellysonrp since they’ve been an active community member in the past.

Known issues

  • fixed: Livestreams don’t work (but don’t seem to work on the current stable version of Muse either…)
codethewebcommented, Feb 6, 2022

Slash commands are now available!

Please carefully read the release notes before upgrading.

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