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Android Error on Google Sign In

See original GitHub issue

here is the logcat said:

2020-05-16 22:42:54.137 1950-1950/com.lesjaw.astropasaraya E/Capacitor/Plugin: Something went wrong 10: 
        at com.codetrixstudio.capacitor.GoogleAuth.GoogleAuth.handleOnActivityResult(
        at com.getcapacitor.Bridge.onActivityResult(
        at com.getcapacitor.BridgeActivity.onActivityResult(
        at android.os.Handler.dispatchMessage(
        at android.os.Looper.loop(
        at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Native Method)
2020-05-16 22:42:54.138 1950-1950/com.lesjaw.astropasaraya D/Capacitor: Sending plugin error: {"save":false,"callbackId":"115071079","pluginId":"GoogleAuth","methodName":"signIn","success":false,"error":{"message":"Something went wrong"}}
2020-05-16 22:42:54.145 1950-1950/com.lesjaw.astropasaraya D/Capacitor/App: Firing change: true
2020-05-16 22:42:54.146 1950-1950/com.lesjaw.astropasaraya D/Capacitor/App: No listeners found for event appStateChange
2020-05-16 22:42:54.166 1950-1950/com.lesjaw.astropasaraya D/Capacitor: App resumed

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

DaveRichocommented, May 18, 2020

I think I got mine working - I’m still confused as to what worked by I think it was this (from

This error might happen if you are not using same project at and If project is same at both console make sure you have add your SHA1 Key properly. Get SHA1 from Android studio.

Open Android Studio Open your Project Click on Gradle (From Right Side Panel, you will see Gradle Bar) Click on Refresh (Click on Refresh from Gradle Bar, you will see List Gradle scripts of your Project) Click on Your Project (Your Project Name form List (root)) Click on Tasks Click on Android Double Click on signingReport (You will get SHA1 and MD5 in Run Bar(Sometimes it will be in Gradle Console))

I then went back to and added a new “OAuth 2.0 Client ID” for android and pasted the SHA1 that I got from Android Studio. It then seemed to work on the android phone I am using for testing.

Not sure about you, but I found this very confusing!

Jmiguel14commented, Aug 16, 2021

I had the same problem, it was a mess but I was able to resolve it thanks to this comment, so useful:

Read more comments on GitHub >

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