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Add `blocks.append(type, data)` API method

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

This method should allow to append (or insert) new Blocks programmatically


editor.blocks.append('paragraph', {text: 'Hello world'});

editor.blocks.insert(4, 'header', {text: 'Hello world'});

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  • State:closed
  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:10 (7 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

cjagannathcommented, Apr 11, 2019

@cjagannath please, describe the use case of that feature. How you would generate a block’s data structure? It is an internal logic of a plugin. And type is the variable that defined by plugins users.

I can’t see a good implementation of it, except hardcoding.

For my use case, I would like to offer a custom tools experience where all the tools are listed on the left. Users can pick any tool and add it to the editor. The screenshot below would give an idea. The default tools menu(+) would have a sub set of the tools.


As a user, I would know the list of plugins that I want to use. Some plugins will be built by me for my specific case. So I know all their types and data structure. The API would make it very easy to pick and add tools.

If one has to think as an author, I agree it’s hard coding the plug-in info. That’s why in my request #717 I had asked about extending the tools menu UI. But that could become too complex.

Hope I am clear. Let me know if any more info is required.

Thank you for listening.

gohaberegcommented, Jul 1, 2019

Resolved by #826

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