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[Bug] Pasting multiple paragraphs of text makes block output null

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

Noticed that if you try pasting a few paragraphs of text into the editor the blocks data output will return null. Adding a space after will update the data, but not great if someone pastes a few paragraphs and saves.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to the editor demo page -
  2. Empty the editor fully and paste in the following text:
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet praesent bibendum est interdum nibh purus. Platea duis pellentesque risus maecenas nisi urna mollis dictumst a tellus. Fringilla iaculis tempor nunc platea porta gravida vel sapien fermentum iaculis. A eu faucibus molestie quam malesuada tristique pulvinar pellentesque. Sollicitudin euismod tincidunt convallis mattis velit elit bibendum ultricies dictum arcu eget urna.

Consequat odio sollicitudin massa vivamus nisl lobortis neque eget diam adipiscing phasellus etiam iaculis. Sed tristique pretium venenatis vulputate pretium purus velit cras fames duis leo porta platea. Dictumst molestie mollis sagittis mollis tristique sagittis in ultrices. Viverra tempus labore dui dapibus malesuada pellentesque pretium aliquet sodales odio consectetur. Labore nulla sapien dui facilisis aliqua libero eiusmod sagittis hac.

Incididunt malesuada purus vivamus dui tempus fusce sodales dapibus turpis bibendum odio viverra libero tincidunt. Quis fusce dolore luctus consectetur luctus nibh suspendisse integer labore convallis. Laoreet dapibus viverra laoreet malesuada tristique leo mollis maecenas fusce porttitor dictum quisque ut. Quis risus imperdiet habitasse pellentesque condimentum mi lobortis lectus sodales quam congue erat ultrices hendrerit. Tincidunt porttitor in eget praesent lobortis sagittis labore tellus tristique ut eiusmod posuere eiusmod.
  1. Look at the data preview below the editor. You can see the “Blocks” value is an empty array.

Expected behavior: It should output the pasted text. Interestingly, sometimes it will work fine, seems to output null more often than not though.


Device, Browser, OS: Safari 14.1.2 - Mac 11.5.2

Editor.js version: 2.22.2

Issue Analytics

  • State:open
  • Created 2 years ago
  • Reactions:2
  • Comments:11

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

vasiliy-lcommented, Sep 28, 2021

I was able to overcome this issue using the onChange callback by calling the with a small delay. 🤷‍♂️

This approach also helped me to fix related bug when editor doesn’t delete multiple blocks at once

const handleChange = (api /*, block */) => {
  setTimeout(() => {
      (editorData) => console.log(JSON.stringify(editorData))
  }, 200);    

const editor = new EditorJS({
  ... // pass configuration props
  onChange: handleChange, 
unityoxbcommented, Aug 29, 2021

I also found the same problem. After copying the content from other places, if there is no change, the content is empty after submission.

Read more comments on GitHub >

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