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Editorjs while imported in React functional component isn’t working when calling function to save data.

const editor = new EditorJs({
    placeholder: 'Let`s write an awesome story!',
    tools: {
        header : {
            class: Header,
            config: {
                placeholder:'Enter Your text'

const output = document.getElementById('output')

function Save() { => {
        output.innerHTML = data

export default function Editor() {
    return (
            <h1>Create Your Post</h1>
            <div id="editorjs" style={{border:'1px solid #ddd', marginBottom:'1rem'}} mx={4}></div>
            <Button variant="contained" color="primary" onClick={Save()}>Save Me</Button>
            <code id="output"></code>

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  • Created 4 years ago
  • Comments:7

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mupkoocommented, Nov 13, 2019

This React component does not look alright to me.

  • You should initialise the Editor, after rendering your component.
  • onClick={Save()} is calling Save on render, not on click

it is calling Save function which have saving code.

onClick={Save} will call Save on click, but onClick={Save()} is going to call Save on render and nothing on click as Save is not returning anything

kenyxycommented, Nov 13, 2019

I agreed with @mupkoo that your ‘const editor = new EditorJs({holder:‘editorjs’,…’ is executed before ‘<div id=“editorjs”…’ is rendered, so not such element with the id can provide EditorJs’s constructor.

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