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Unable to use inside Shadow Dom and Webcomponents

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

We wanted to use EditorJS with customElements (we use lit-html internally). Our reasons behind this is because we wanted to isolate the editor styles away from the main dom so that our CMS styles don’t make the editor content look strange. This way we can also customize the CSS nicely so that the end user looks at the formatting and text with about the same styles as they would on the frontend.

We previously used a Iframe for this (which still works), but we would like to avoid that if possible.

With the editor in the customElement, we get errors like these: editorjs_shadowdom

Here is the code that creates the customElement:

import '@editorjs/editorjs/dist/editor.js';
import {LitElement, html, css} from 'lit-element';

class HTMLEngine {
  constructor(inputEl, templateSelector, editorConfig) {
    this.inputEl = inputEl;
    this.editorConfig = editorConfig;

  read() {
    let doc = new DOMParser().parseFromString(this.inputEl.value, 'text/html');
    var dataTemplate = doc.querySelector('[data-editor-data]');
    if (dataTemplate) {
      var jsonData = dataTemplate.dataset.editorData;
      return JSON.parse(jsonData);
    return null;

  write(outputData) {
    var editorData = JSON.stringify(outputData);
    var renderedBlocks = '';
    outputData.blocks.forEach((block) => {
      renderedBlocks += this.renderBlock(block);
    this.inputEl.value = `<template data-editor-data='${editorData}'></template>

  renderBlock(block) {
    return[block.type].HTMLGenerator( + '\n';

class OstinatoEditorWidget extends LitElement {
  static get properties() {
    return {
      saveTo: { type: String },
      editorConfig: { type: String },
      editorFramePath: { type: String },

  constructor() {
    this.saveTo = '';
    this.editorConfig = '';
    this.editorFramePath = '';

  connectedCallback() {
    this.saveToEl = document.querySelector(this.saveTo);
    // Now import our editor config.
    import(this.editorConfig).then((m) => {
      this.config = m.editorConfig;
      this.engine = new HTMLEngine(

  initEditor() { =;
    this.config.holder = this.shadowRoot.getElementById('editor');

    this.config.onChange = function() { => {
        if (outputData) this.engine.write(outputData);


    this.editor = new EditorJS(this.config);

  static get styles() {
    return css`
      :host {
        display: block;
        width: 100%;

      #editor {
        width: 100%;
        box-shadow: 0 0 1px 2px #e3e3e3;

  render() {
    return html`
      <div id="editor"></div>

customElements.define('ostinato-editor-widget', OstinatoEditorWidget);

And this is how we are using the element:

{% load staticfiles %}

<textarea name="{{ }}"
  {% include "django/forms/widgets/attrs.html" %}
  style="display: none;">{% if widget.value %}{{ widget.value }}{% endif %}</textarea>

  saveTo='[name="{{ }}"]'
  editorConfig="{{ config_module }}">

Edit: Oh and here is the config that is used.

export const editorConfig = {
  initialBlock: "paragraph",
  minHeight: "400px",
  autoFocus: true,

  tools: {
    header: {
      class: Header,
      config: {
        placeholder: 'Header Text'
      shortcut: 'CMD+SHIFT+H',
      HTMLGenerator: (data) => `<h${data.level}>${data.text}</h${data.level}>`,

    paragraph: {
      class: Paragraph,
      shortcut: 'CMD+SHIFT+P',
      HTMLGenerator: (data) => `<p>${data.text}</p>`,

    list: {
      class: List,
      inlineToolbar: true,
      shortcut: 'CMD+SHIFT+L',
      HTMLGenerator: (data) => {
        let tagname = + 'l';
        var renderItem = (item) => { return `<li>${item}</li>`; }
        var items = '';
        data.items.forEach((item) => { items += renderItem(item); });
        return `<${tagname}>${items}</${tagname}>`;

    quote: {
      class: Quote,
      inlineToolbar: true,
      config: {
        quotePlaceholder: 'Enter a quote',
        captionPlaceholder: 'Caption or Author',
      shortcut: 'CMD+SHIFT+O',
      HTMLGenerator: (data) => {
        return `<blockquote style="quote-${data.alignment}">
          <p class="quote-text">${data.text}</p>
          <p class="quote-caption">${data.caption}</p>

    warning: {
      class: Warning,
      inlineToolbar: true,
      shortcut: 'CMD+SHIFT+W',
      config: {
        titlePlaceholder: 'Warning Title',
        messagePlaceholder: 'Warning Message',
      HTMLGenerator: (data) => {
        return `<div class="warning">
            <p class="warning-title">${data.title}</p>
            <p class="warning-message">${data.message}</p>

    marker: {
      class:  Marker,
      shortcut: 'CMD+SHIFT+M'

    code: {
      class:  CodeTool,
      shortcut: 'CMD+SHIFT+C',
      HTMLGenerator: (data) => { return `<code>${data.code}</code>`; }

    delimiter: {
      class: Delimiter,
      HTMLGenerator: () => { return `<div class="ce-delimiter"></div>` }

    inlineCode: {
      class: InlineCode,
      shortcut: 'CMD+SHIFT+C'

    table: {
      class: Table,
      inlineToolbar: true,
      shortcut: 'CMD+ALT+T',
      HTMLGenerator: (data) => {
        var rows = '';
        data.content.forEach((row) => {
          var cells = '';
          row.forEach((cell) => { cells += '<td>' + cell + '</td>'; })
          rows += '<tr>' + cells + '</tr>';
        return '<table>' + rows + '</table>';

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github_iconTop GitHub Comments

aletorradocommented, Apr 6, 2021

Any update on this?

Btw, it’s specially annoying that plugins doesn’t use any encapsulation nor namespacing for class names, so it’s very easy to mess up. Now that Shadow Dom is widely supported across all major browsers, it would be awesome to embrace it for editor.js internals as well!

andrewebdevcommented, Jan 11, 2020

@gohabereg ok so it seems id didn’t just have anything to do with the tools. I attempted to use it without specifying any tools in my config, just to test. And the editor still doesn’t load.


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