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Shift+Space doesn't seem to work

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I have remote jupyter notebook server. I’ve setup on it docker with jupyter as were in earlier versions shown, then installed latest available library from github. At first it wouldn’t even show me predictions, even after i entered correct address of the server in the nbextensions settings , i had to manually enter server http://*ip*:9999 into .js file (in var config), then it worked. But still, when i press Shift+Space it doesn’t show original jupyter popup with function suggestions. Any help appreciated, as i’m huge fan of tabnine, but it’s very uncomfortable to guess what functions i have in the library.

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  • Created 4 years ago
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agi1512commented, Nov 28, 2020

@Prabhusarathy18 sorry I didnt test this with the new binary. If my memory does not fail me, pointing through jupyter notebook wasn’t working, because in some .js files there was localhost hardcoded. I found a dir with extension installed, in which I then looked up ‘localhost’ with linux command find. Then in all found files I changed localhost to ip of my server.

Prabhusarathy18commented, Dec 3, 2020

Thanks for the response! @agi1512 @wenmin-wu

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