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In the two days since installing tabnine-sublime, I’ve heard my macbook’s fan running on hard three times. Each time, when I checked Activity Monitor, the culprit was TabNine and I’ve had to kill it. There isn’t any related output in the sublime console that I can see.

I have some large repos open, like .

My package dir shows version 2.0.2 of the binary:

$ tree
├── Default.sublime-keymap
├── Main.sublime-menu
├── Preferences.sublime-settings
├── TabNine.sublime-settings
├── binaries
│   ├── 1.0.7
│   │   ├── i686-apple-darwin
│   │   │   └── TabNine
│   │   ├── i686-pc-windows-gnu
│   │   │   └── TabNine.exe
│   │   ├── i686-unknown-linux-gnu
│   │   │   └── TabNine
│   │   ├── x86_64-apple-darwin
│   │   │   └── TabNine
│   │   ├── x86_64-pc-windows-gnu
│   │   │   └── TabNine.exe
│   │   └── x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
│   │       └── TabNine
│   └── 2.0.2
│       └── x86_64-apple-darwin
│           └── TabNine
└── package-metadata.json

10 directories, 15 files

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breck7commented, Oct 14, 2019

Warning: don’t use TabNine during high winds and dry conditions. It may cause your computer to burst into flames.


yarnballcommented, Jan 22, 2020

I’m hitting 200-300% usage in OSX using my 2019 Macbook pro 15.

Anyone found a work around?

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