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Bug in new `calculate_default_transform` from terracotta

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

While using the new calculate_default_transform from Terracotta seemed to help with the performance, I encountered a but when dealing with scene that crosses the dateline separation

The problem happens here:

which will return negative width/height


|-386.76, 0.00,-9392582.04|
| 0.00, 6.31, 6887893.49|
| 0.00, 0.00, 1.00|


dataset link:

Not sure if it means something but here is the result from both rasterio and terracotta’s calculate_default_transform for a random tile.

# rasterio
| 238.34, 0.00,-20037508.08|
| 0.00,-238.34, 13596067.67|
| 0.00, 0.00, 1.00|

# terracotta
|-386.54, 0.00,-20028306.76|
| 0.00, 6.31, 13596067.67|
| 0.00, 0.00, 1.00|

@dionhaefner, could you test terracotta with the dataset I shared, so I can confirm this is only happening in rio-tiler ?

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  • State:closed
  • Created 3 years ago
  • Comments:16 (6 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

dionhaefnercommented, Mar 25, 2020

I think I understand the problem now.

It is relatively easy to construct a transform that yields higher quality reprojections than GDAL’s default transform. Just oversample the image a bit to make sure you don’t lose any data.

This changes though when overviews are involved. If you oversample the image, overviews are triggered earlier, leading to an overall degraded quality. You can consider a situation where we duplicate every pixel at the VRT level:


If we then zoom out by a factor of 2, we would ideally see


But by then, the first overview is triggered already! So we actually see something like


As you noticed, trying to force GDAL to use a specific overview is a can of worms that I can’t open at this point.

I suggest the following workaround:

dst_transform, _, _ = rasterio.warp.calculate_default_transform(, target_crs, src.width, src.height, *src.bounds

tile_transform = transform.from_bounds(*tile_bounds, *tile_size)

dst_res = (
    min(abs(dst_transform.a), abs(tile_transform.a)),
    min(abs(dst_transform.e), abs(tile_transform.e)),

At low zoom levels, this uses the default transform, where it performs reasonably well. At high zoom levels, where we’re at the pixel and sub-pixel level, it makes sure that the VRT always oversamples the tile, so we always get down to the true data density if we zoom far enough.



Performance difference is not above noise level.

dionhaefnercommented, Mar 20, 2020

Yikes, this image is pretty much the perfect storm for my method

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 14 50 08
  • It is rotated so much that the top right corner is further west than the bottom left corner
  • Only one corner of the raster crosses the date line
  • Top left and bottom right corner of the image lie almost on the same latitude
  • Bottom left and top right corner lie almost on the same longitude

In cases like these, we cannot possibly do better than GDAL’s default transform. So even after I fix the bugs and catch these edge-cases, the result will not be better than the default.

I’ll have to come up with a better way to solve this, in the meantime I suggest you revert to the default transform.

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