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Don't serialize undefined properties

See original GitHub issue

Issue Description

console.log(Transit.writer("json").write({name: undefined}))

The above currently returns ["^ ","name",null].

I would argue null and undefined are different concepts. Both are falsy in the JavaScript sense, sure, but not equivalent in the semantic sense. Null could be said to be a known “unset” value (like in a tuple of false, true, null). Undefined, however, could be said to mean an unknown value entirely.

As Dave Herman said in July 29 2014 TC39 Meeting Notes:

- `null` represents the no-object object, just like NaN represents the no-number number
- `undefined` represents the no-value value

I propose to either ignore undefined properties in objects entirely or add an explicit tag for it. But few languages have both a null and undefined, and that would require changing the Transit protocol. Better just ignore them like JSON.stringify does.

Issue Analytics

  • State:closed
  • Created 9 years ago
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  • Comments:7 (2 by maintainers)

github_iconTop GitHub Comments

mollcommented, Feb 22, 2015

Hello again. Long time no bugfix. 😃

Anywho, this is still an issue for me as undefined values are morphed into nulls causing all kinds of weird behavior on the receiving end. Has there been any development here?

Who still thinks nulls are equivalent to undefined values that I have to convince?


drarmstrcommented, Nov 16, 2021

Any known workarounds for supporting undefined? You cannot simply create a handler for undefined (

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